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At first of all, I wouldn’t recommend any fabrics with geometric patterns on it. Book matching patterns can be an extremely difficult task and end in a lot of frustration. For sewing summer garments, I would recommend cotton (voile, poplin, oxford, etc.), linen and rayon. For winter clothes, I would suggest woven fabrics like gabardine, denim and whipcord.
I highly recommend that you consider, reflect and read through the full product description prior to purchasing as my digital products are non-refundable due to the nature of their delivery.
I began my journey with an apprenticeship at a well-known Haute Couture Atelier in Munich. In my training I’ve learned all the basics and what makes the Haute Couture so special and unique. During the apprenticeship I was always thinking about starting my own business, but for this undertake I needed to better understand the principles of making and producing patterns. This is the reason why I’ve started to study pattern making at the master school for fashion in Munich.


  • Sewing Machine (doesn’t matter from which brand, as long as it is working)
  • Iron
  • Tailor’s Scissor (for cutting fabrics)
  • Paper Scissor
  • Ruler
  • Pencil, Markers and Eraser
  • Tailor’s Chalk
  • Pins
  • Measuring Tape
  • Hand sewing Needle


  • Fabric
  • Lining
  • Sewing Threads
  • Interfacing (Why you need Interfacing and How to Choose the correct one:
  • Interfacing Tape (1cm to reinforce the outer edges and 2cm to reinforce the center back seam)
  • If necessary: Zipper, Elastic Band, Buttons, etc.
All my patterns include a seam allowance. When I started a new sewing project, I always want to start right off the bat. This is why I include the seam allowance to not waste time drawing it.

All of my patterns are in English. Please also note, that every pattern comes with an in-depth video tutorial, covering the whole process of creating the garment. If you are stuck on a certain step or if you have any questions regarding the pattern, feel free to contact me anytime.

I always recommend to choose the size which fits your chest width. The patterns have enough seam allowances on the side seams to adjust the garment accordingly. Once you have sewn your zipper in place, you should try it on and adjust – for example – the waistline.

Villegas Patterns

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