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Button band / Button stand

In sewing and pattern making, the phrase “button band” or “button stand” refers to the fabric strip or placket on a garment that accommodates buttons and buttonholes. It is typically found on the front of a shirt, blouse, or jacket and serves as a closure system.

Here’s what you need to know about Button Bands (Button Stands):

  1. Purpose: The button band/button stand provides a functional and decorative element to a garment. It allows for easy fastening and unfastening of the garment while maintaining a neat and finished appearance.
  2. Construction: The button band is created by folding or overlapping fabric along the garment’s front opening, typically the center front. It consists of two layers of fabric—the inner layer, which is attached to the garment’s front, and the outer layer, which folds over the inner layer to create the visible buttoning area.
  3. Buttonholes: The button band includes evenly spaced and appropriately sized buttonholes that correspond to the placement of buttons on the opposite side of the garment. Buttonholes are typically stitched through both layers of the button band, ensuring secure attachment and proper alignment with the buttons.
  4. Reinforcement: To strengthen the button band and prevent stretching or gaping, interfacing or additional layers of fabric may be added. Interfacing, a stabilizing material, can be fused or sewn onto the button band to provide structure and support.
  5. Finishing details: The button band is often finished with topstitching along its edges, adding a decorative touch and securing the layers together. This topstitching can be done parallel to the edge or in a decorative design, depending on the desired aesthetic.
  6. Button placement: When sewing a button band, it’s important to consider the spacing and placement of buttons. The buttons should align precisely with the corresponding buttonholes to ensure a proper fit and secure closure. Marking guides or buttonhole templates can aid in achieving accurate button placement.

Button Bands – a versatile closure System

Button bands (also known as Button Stands) are commonly seen in garments like shirts, blouses, dresses, and jackets. They provide a versatile closure system, allowing the wearer to adjust the fit and style of the garment.

For seamstresses and pattern makers, understanding the construction and placement of button bands is extremely important for creating professional-looking clothes with functional closures. By carefully designing and constructing button bands, you can ensure a clean finish, proper alignment of buttons and buttonholes, and a polished overall appearance.

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