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Match point

Match points are essential markers in the world of sewing and pattern making. These points are strategically placed on one pattern piece to ensure precise alignment with corresponding points on another pattern piece. Seamstresses and pattern makers use match points as valuable guides for joining pattern pieces accurately during garment construction. In this article, we will explore the significance of match points, their applications, and how to master this technique for impeccable pattern alignment in your sewing projects.

What are Match Points?

Match points are small and strategically placed marks on pattern pieces that serve as reference points for aligning and joining different sections of a garment. These marks are essential for maintaining the intended shape and design of the garment during the sewing process. By aligning the match points on different pieces, seamstresses can achieve a seamless and precise fit in the final garment.

The Role of Match Points

Match points play a crucial role in garment construction, ensuring accurate pattern alignment and seam placement. Let’s explore their significance and applications:

  • Pattern Alignment: Match points guide the precise alignment of pattern pieces, such as aligning shoulder seams, side seams, and darts. This results in well-fitted garments with a smooth and professional appearance.
  • Facilitating Pattern Matching: Match points are particularly useful when working with patterns that have intricate designs or pattern repeats. They help to match patterns seamlessly at seams, creating a harmonious and visually appealing finished product.
  • Easier Pattern Alterations: When making pattern alterations, match points provide a reference for adjusting the pattern’s length, width, or shape while ensuring that all sections of the garment remain in proportion.

How to Identify and Use Match Points

Follow these steps to effectively use match points during your sewing projects:

  • Pattern Preparation: Before cutting your fabric, ensure that all match points are clearly marked on the pattern pieces. Use tailor’s chalk, marking pens, or tailor’s tacks to make these marks visible.
  • Align and Pin: When laying out your pattern pieces on the fabric, pay close attention to the match points. Carefully align these points on the fabric’s grain or designated layout direction. Secure the pieces in place with pins or clips.
  • Sewing and Matching: When sewing the garment, be mindful of the match points indicated on the pattern. Pin or clip the seams together, aligning the match points precisely before stitching.
  • Accuracy and Attention: Ensure accuracy and attention to detail when matching the points. A small misalignment at a match point can significantly affect the overall fit and appearance of the garment.

Tips for Perfecting Match Points

Consider the following tips to achieve precise and flawless pattern alignment using match points:

  • Practice on Test Fabric: If you are working with a new pattern or intricate design, practice on test fabric or muslin before cutting into your main fabric. This will allow you to refine your matching skills and make any necessary adjustments.
  • Use Notches and Seam Allowance Markings: Notches and seam allowance markings on pattern pieces can also serve as additional reference points for matching and aligning pattern pieces.
  • Check Twice, Cut Once: Double-check match points and their alignment before cutting the fabric. Take your time to ensure accuracy, as it will save you time and frustration later in the construction process.


Match points are invaluable tools that help seamstresses and pattern makers achieve precise pattern alignment and seam placement during garment construction. By accurately aligning these reference marks, you can create well-fitted and visually appealing garments that showcase your sewing expertise. Embrace this technique, practice with care and attention to detail, and enjoy the satisfaction of beautifully aligned pattern pieces that enhance the overall quality of your sewing projects.

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